I can hear her breathe
beyond this realm

I feel the sunrise when
she flashes that smile

I see her pain fade as
I trace a finger along
her glowing symmetry

I drift lethargically into
the galaxy of her soul

leaving me mellow still
warm in freezing cold

I hover inside of her
shine planting forget

me not's and chasing
fireflies a child at play

never to feel the sadness
of night eternally young
within her sacred light.


Take from me only
what you can carry

bury me into the
memories of epoch

so I may twinkle

in the galaxy
of your mind.


Drifting in the sea
of obliterated hope

anchored to friendly
loneliness my drops

cleanse the waters
your face reflects

back at me as you
fade into the abyss
of my regret.


Lost in a feather's valley

blowing within the afterglow

of faded specters just to

capture a slivered image

of you.


I have tasted the salt
of your umbra slipped

inside the screams
of your exultant just

to die cloaked
from pang.


Jagged comets drop
from your breath

igniting a deluge
of mirth that falls

victim to the
singultis of
yesterday's shriek.

Nucleic Anomaly

Displaced waves of
conformity cyclone

my atrium to the
slip stream of

obsidian void sonic
boom of clarity.


Magnetized in archaic
repositories of piety

only to dance a one
step in the physical

Birth Right

To practice hilarity
grants me a
crown of docility.

Jubilant Tintinnabulation

Truncate utopian contingent
legislated rendered deed
grandiose facade parade.


  • Damaged Soul

    Your whispering quill has made some noise here. Great piece

  • lovelydarkanddeep

    I love playgrounds! It reminds me of my own poetry, I love the expression and interpretation.

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