My friend

you change around them

you hate me around them

you laugh with them

help them make me feel like a pile of trash

you change when you talk with them

why do you encourage them 

but when they leave 

you say you didn't mean it

you say it was their fault

you say I am over dramatic 

you don't save me from them

you just join them

you don't try to lift me out of this bottomless pit

you just let me fall 

you let me fall into an unbearable pain 

an unbearable fear 

an unbearable life 

you make me want to die

you push me towards death 

you become one of them

they who cheer on rape

running across bright yellow tape

like it is a finish line

they who push others to death 

they who make us feel ugly 

so they feel beautiful 

you become one of them

they who walk across our broken bones and souls 

treating them like they are a balance beam

they who's  hearts are sucked into a black hole 

not feeling remorse for who they suck in

they who push us to a permanent solution for a temporary problem

should I call you friend

or one of them   


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