Galactic enterprise

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Galactic enterprise


Take me home!


Somewhere in space

there is a new place

 discovered out of these necessities-


No soil for the seeds.

 No room for the unborn.

No water for the seas. -


It's a quieter place with longer days

 and endless years.

Perhaps it won’t be green

but brown or gray

or blue or red.

The artists will have a ball

but, will the water taste okay?

There will be water won’t there?


Not to worry.

The machines will see to that.


Ah, they say it’s a golden paradise.

Summer every day

but, your eyes will need a device

and you may not be as tall

but that’s okay

 for there are-



and plenty of soil to plow.


Take me there!


Though it makes you wonder…


Who lives there now?


  • Goldfinch60

    "Is there anybody out there?"
    " Yes!" Came the reply.

  • Michael Edwards

    Oh to be there with my easel and equipment - great write.

  • Garry

    Sone great rhythms and flow. Imaginative and enjoyable.
    Is anybody out there?

  • Garry

    Some great rhythms and flow. Imaginative and enjoyable.
    Is anybody out there?

  • Damaged Soul

    Phil,, it's Battlestar Galactica and the Starship Enterprise. Not Galactic Enterprise. Okay? The only other thing I can say is, Ground control to major Tom Commencing count down engines on, Take your protein pill and put your helmet on.. Great poem Phil, one of my very favorite subjects

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