Bottle Flip

Throw it up and spin it over; watch it as it falls

Then pick it up and try again until the old man calls,


“Not in here!  Take it out!  Flip it out of doors!”

I’m going flipping crazy with this flipping craze of yours!”


You’re deaf: you’re in the flipping zone, you cannot hear your Dad:

This stubborn bottle won’t be flipped – you’re going slowly mad


Flip and thud and flip and thud - its got to happen soon

Its nearly flipping Christmas and you started this in June


Paul does it with one eye shut whilst standing on a chair

Dave can do two at a time - and cross them in mid air!


Your technique can’t be wrong because you’ve seen YouTubers do it

You copied them for weeks until you thought you finally knew it


But still that flipping bottle just refuses to land straight

And on your 40 millionth fail is sown a seed of hate


Which grows and fills you up inside, frustration at its core

Until you scream out, “Jesus Christ!  I can’t flip any more!”


You grab that bottle, filled with rage and fling it at the wall…

Then stare, amazed at how that little bastard thing should fall.


This Highland Spring, your waste of time, which rendered you unstable

Has flipped – and now sits proudly on your parents’ dining table.


  • Goldfinch60

    Good fun write.

  • WriteBeLight

    Very clever Gingerdog.

    • gingerdog

      Thanks! Made my kids laugh :-)

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