Joshua Harrison


She slipped into something more comfortable,

I slipped into old habits.

I fell down the rabbit hole,

Before I started chasing rabbits.

She walked into my life,

We had sparkles in our eyes.

Mine would soon be stolen by her,

As I took her intravenous lies.

Drip... Drip... Drip...

The standard sound of life.

Little by little you make it through,

Offering your back to every knife.

But ever so often life will surge,

With a ravenous, pulsing torrent.

In a sudden rush life will attack,

And your cries will all turn horrent.

For me it was all a blur,

I was swept into the storm.

For she took steps into my life,

And presented a smile, so warm.

She crept under my skin,

Toying with every nerve.

She planned on adding more pain,

But for now I was to serve.

A shoulder to cry on,

A sponge for her tears.

A man to defend her,

From her darkest of fears.

I stood as her bastion,

Her steel support.

But under her pressure,

I began to contort.

She had found her love,

And not inside me.

I was just a possession,

For I was not he.

He made her smile,

But treated her mean.

This made her crave him,

Or as they say 'keen'.

I was her tool,

I'd fix her all night.

My compliments healed her,

After every fight.

Between her and her lover,

Round after round.

Until a sudden *ring ring*,

The bell would sound.

I would answer,

And she would be there.

A tear in her eye,

She knew I would care.

I grew wise to her ploy,

The three words she'd lied.

There was no love,

Oh Lord how I cried.

She disowned me afterwards,

Like a bastard son.

She turned my 'friends' against me,

One by one.

I would love to recall,

That I did not weep.

However she'd injected her love,

And the love ran deep.

Deep through my flesh,

Into my veins.

I suddenly felt internal,

And external pains.

Changing in severity,

The bombardment ensued.

I pleaded to my friends but,

Against me they were skewed.

I looked... Prayed,

To whoever's above.

For a method to cleanse,

This tainted blood.

To wash it away,

Remove the pollution.

I stuck a needle in my arm;

Called it a solution.

Night after night,

Weep after weep.

Heating that spoon,

Before every sleep.

Then in my dreams:

Me and her on the sand.

Her arm around mine,

Not this damn black band.

Last night, on a walk,

I saw her with him.

When their lips finally parted,

There was that warm grin.

I ran all the way home,

Bursting at the seam.

I pushed that plunger,

But too far it would seem.

I lie here now;

Not much left of my veins.

But she still has my heart;

She keeps it in chains.

A simple white robe,

A pen in my hand.

A needle in my arm,

But one that was planned.

The nurses are kind,

They all do their part;

Treating an overdose of her love,

Taken straight to the heart.


  • Zarhgon

    Wow! This was hauntingly beautiful, thank you so much for posting this, the passion that must have gone into it is practically overflowing out of my monitor. Love really is quite the subject, and it often feels like it's impossible to capture the things it can bring about, but this poem captures the fires aptly. I really do love those last two lines, they end it perfectly. What a read! I cannot express the way this makes me feel, so many emotions run throughout it. I look forward to anything else you have to publish!

    • Joshua Harrison

      Thank you so much man! God it's so nice to get comments like this. Really reminds me that words can do more than just describe information

      • Zarhgon

        Sorry for the late reply! They really can, and as someone that always thinks deeply about things like poems and literature, I absolutely love seeing works like yours that provoke such emotion and reflection. On another note, I very much enjoy the rhyming scheme! It all comes together fantastically.

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