Lucy Keeps Me Dreaming

As we sit at the bottom end of your bed,

Your face slowly starts to get distorted.

That enlightening crooked smile starts to melt,

Colors start to emerge throughout every corner of this room,

This euphoric feeling is what I’ve been craving.

As we continue to relax, in each others arms,

The world around me is so enticing.

I want to stay here eternally.

The patterns trickling throughout the walls and floor,

Everywhere I look is mesmerizing.

The light by the end of room, slowly changing,

From a soft yellow, to green to pink.

I look back at your face, as you peer into mine.

Tracers begin, I see double of your precious face, but in shades of green and pink.

Time is nothing but an abstract idea,

When we’re in this reality, such concepts don’t exist.

We proceed to stand up and head towards the stairs.

We glide right down.

I gaze into the mirror,

My eyes, colossal glistening windows.

For the next time I take this journey,

I shall learn more about oneself,

Accept the happening and enjoy the present.


  • trinhead

    wow, i love this so much! Such imagery. made me miss my days with lucy cx

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