Lost Ones

Walking down the twisted road, the light intertwined with the fog, brightening the air, slowly turning into soft mist, while the sunlight seeped through the jungles crooked fingers that gripped around me. My eyes open, blind fury becomes slowly drained away; I sink onto my knees with the heavy air, the world breaks around me, a thousand images suffocating my mind, my eyes open to see what lays before me. tattered rags of violet and green that I once held, once loved. The warmth put out, like a used cigarette. My hands tighten, my heart sours, my mind fills with smog, thumping with every life taken. My mind gripped by anguish, suffocating, confused with my own emotions, I show nothing. A single tear, filled with all my sorrow, all my fear, crawls down my face, reflecting the horror of my own sinister sanity.


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