We were one of a kind

We were cut by the same thread

And sewn into the same quilt of winter

We did not know of loneliness


We wandered in the snowy wood

the crunch of the snow

But yet we kept padding forward

Listening to the whispering child of the wind


I remember when it wasn’t this cold

I remember when our pelts were too hot for our skin

I could see the sudden jump of a rabbit

I could hear the still spirit of the trees


Do you? Remember that is

Because I remember running

I remember running but not of that of glee

But of the fear of what was behind


Shouting of a language I have heard only in tales

I could hear the snow yelling louder

Louder as paws so unnatural thundered onward

Your eyes, as blue as thick ice shone in one thing




I remember seeing the crimson flower losing its petals

Dying the pure snow with a sickening red

I remember seeing that fear die behind your eyes

I also remember my Howl


  • ron parrish aka wordman

    nature and the feel of it,love and friendship

  • yellowrose

    amazing piece of poetry .. i truly loved reading this 🙂 :-)i love the reference to the snow shouting louder, the whispering child of the wind , the rabbits and the spirits of the trees... this is truly quite beautiful and a pleasure to read

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