Music and poetry it's different art.

It's the heart of the music,
So, you need to lose it,
Sipping juice, so you know I'm in a good mood,
Looking at all this fine ladies, so you know I got a good view,
It's moments like this that has me going,
Words all in good rhythm, they are flowing,
Inspired by the sound of the beat,
Add it with my flow I'll have you on your feet,
Return of the storm of the chatter,
You know real man doesn't have to smack her,
Have you heard what they been saying behind your back,
Im sorry I really don't wanna hear all that quack quack,
I'm a man of my own vision,
Staying true to the standard of my religion,
Yes I'm all around good Muslim,
One bad friend just need to lose him,
We know you got a mind of your own,
And you just need everybody to leave you alone,
But the words of a wise man might not get you now,
Along the lines of time it will get you like pow pow,
But things got intense last night,
All that whopping had started a fight,
In midst of all that fire rose a sight unforeseen,
An artist who was really really mean,
And his music was really really clean,
On the beat his verse just took off
He didn't have huff and puff to act tuff,

And if he made a career out of this it would have been lucrative,
Everything  made sense when I looked at it,
I know you what your thinking it's eminem,
It's me it's me is what I told them,
I'm the artist who Rosed to claim  the throne,
Just saying I was really in my zone,
My heart was shown no bone,
I don't thing I will ever be overthrown.





  • brandon k f

    Awesome stuff, sir. I dig it

    • Somerica

      Thanks dude.

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