Shared but not heard.

This is a message for my offspring,
Of Guidance and wisdom is what I'm offering,
Maybe it's a generations from now,
And you searched me up somehow,
It don't matter but you got here,
And I hope my words don't bring you more fear,
I grew up in a time where everyone hated Islam,
And there was a war against it worst than Vietnam,
Some people seen us all terrorist,
Because of the act of one man who was careless,
It's easy to close it then to open your mind,
In everything there is a thin line,
Every reality there is a question that are needed,
I guess at this point it's getting easier to be hated,
In every reality in them, there is a Spiritual one like me,
If you don't understand me it's not unlikely,
It's like being a Jew in Germany during that time,
I'm black and Muslim trust me it's a crime,
Hate is like here today but maybe gone tomorrow,
I hope your don't deal with this sort of sorrow,
But I'm truly growing through body and mind,
And what I'm looking for one day I'll find,
If your Muslim like me be the best one,
Everyone has the same challenges under this sun,
Prime example is our prophet mohamed,
To some it bring them to near vomit,
Yet the Supreme Court awarded him the greatest lawgiver,
Or how the word of god can make you shiver,
I don't mind if you find comfort in another religion,
But real Islam teaches me of submission,
To the creator of this really interesting but complex world,
But I'm enjoying some of the goods of the free world,
But I ask you to pick up the holy book,
Read and actually take a good look,
Does it ask you to end innocent lives,
Or how we abuse our wives,
Then why is it the fastest growing religion,
But to paint us with one brush is there vision.
You will find me where I'm supposed to be,
And for the heartless cops we choose to not see,
Evil corporations Manufacturing diseases,
Yet they Then profiting from the remedies,
This plane just took off never coming down,
People of Syria die with a big frown,
Where the hell is the humanity on this planet,
Just looking around nothing but sadness.








  • WriteBeLight

    Very thought provoking, and well written.

    • Somerica

      Lately I have been debating this stuff in my head. Then I had to share this in art piece.

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