Can you accept me?

Imma handful not gonna lie..
I'm like a child I take patience and time.
Nobody's understands the pain I hide behind my eyes..
All they see is the sweet caring girl that never cries.
I have issues that I need to deal with
And I never try to come off as a bitch
The mental issues are real,
But that doesn't mean I still can't feel.
I'm stubborn, emotional, I have to have my way.
But then I also just want a strong person to hold me down and say everything will be okay
Life is a struggle and I'm just tryna get through
But I just to be accepted by you.
I'm different...
But at least I'm real
I'm not gonna trap anyone and make them kneel.
Can you accept me?
With the issue I have?
So tired of being sad,
just for being me.



  • illia

    I love this, its cheeky but as you say its real, love real, a poets reference, REAL, x

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