No voice to ask for help.

It don't matter even if it's cold or sunny,
We would still be chasing that money,
It's ok if you truly don't understand me
Everything only I could see,
Im not a magician doing a magic,
Just a man who didn't put his brain on automatic,
But again money is the root of all evil,
We're design this way we're just people,
Some of us would kill just for 10 dollars,
Money is our master and we are in the collars,
Dare might I say we want nothing to hold,
If it isn't something of value like money or gold,
Why is the devil shown has a snake,
Why would evil come in something we hate?,
But believe is what divides greed,
To help someone who needs to feed,
I would never wish Hunger on my enemy,
But once again it's part of my identity,






  • Discreation


  • WriteBeLight

    A piece filled with integrity. You nailed it with the line about the devil and the snake. It is all about appearances.

    • Somerica

      Thank you

    • SorrowfullyHappy

      i get what your sayin money controles everything nowadays but i'd rather be holdin hands with my girl then anything

      • Somerica

        My point is if you have more help other like the man who sits at the road trying to get his next meal. Having millions in your bank or thousands don't Pass him offer him any sort of help even an advise would be help and resorted humanity. We see them as shit. We are all the same in the grave empty handed human. Your action will be speak for it self on judgment day.i bet you robbery would go down. Not everything is about you.

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