brandon k f

The blackest hand of matter

We sought to escape from the null that drags good men to sin

the blackest hand of matter 

we hid in caves surrounded by candles, and watched light spread throughout the nihil we hid in

whispers came from the walls, inticing our fall

and try as we might to fight urges we didn't understand, many of us went out succumbed and passed

i hardly recognize them anymore 

Jesus, I hardly recognize my self, as well

i prayed for relief from my depression

from this esoteric suffering 

why is it so hard to find people that care?

that help you support your heavy cross on the way to your crucifixion 

It's such a long road to Golgotha 

I've never felt so alone

now, I lay here on my back

and a vulture comes everyday to eat my liver

and every night it grows back

and I can only pray that one day it doesn't 


  • B.rod


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