There is only one only god,
On to you do only I submit,
Without you everything seems rather odd,
I have seen it in my soul I admit,
I feel that the devil has corrupted this world to much,
But I stand still your majesty until time does other wise,
I have heard some speak of just your touch,
But only of your wonders do I see with my eyes,
I know I'm living on the underworld,
Of just this suffering and no more light,
For I know my soul has been corrupted by this world,
I know I failed to kneel before you every night,
In the name of god the most gracious the most merciful,
Do I ask you to repent of any bad deeds today,
This message is to you and it's personal,
What if god has been watching you everyday,
Of the acts you commit of greed and lust,
Nothing is so Secret anymore my friend,
Compare on to him, you are nothing but a bag of dust,
Trust me your results are going to get you at the end.




  • Tony36

    Great write

    • Somerica

      Thanks tony

      • Tony36


      • alanis98

        Lovely poem I to believe in God and I believe he's watching what we are all doing he knows when we have sinned and when we have praised him.

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