Imaginary Friend

I have an imaginary friend

Does not exist in the real world

I sensed him when I was born

He loves me the way I love him

I am his world and he is mine

My feelings are his feelings

His needs are never outside of me

Again, he is imaginary

Does not exist in the real world


He is in the notes when I sing

My thoughts in my writings

My pain when I am hurt

My joy when I am happy

He is the spark of my eyes

The beauty of my smile

He is everything that I am

Again, he is imaginary

Does not exist in the real world


He cannot be without me

Neither can I without him

He listens what I hear

Sees what I look at

Knows the depths of me

He is the radiance of my body

The kindness of my heart

The passion in my desire

And also my gratification

Again, he is imaginary

Does not exist in the real world




    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks for you first poem ~ very deep and moving ! We all need "imaginary friends" who are with us 24/7 whatever the circumstances. I am indwelt by God's Holy Spirit ~ who is real. I mention this because when I read your poem ~ the relationship you have with your Friend is the same as the one I have with the Holy Spirit who indwells me ~ so I thank you for caring and sharing your experience with us. The Fruit of the Spirit is Love ~ Joy ~ Peace ~ Patience ~ Gentleness ~ Goodness ~ Faithfulness ~ Humility and Self Control. These are similar to the traits you mention ! Yours ~ BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks B.

    • Diamond

      Very glad to hear from you. And thank you for the warm welcome. I will soon take the pleasure of visiting your profile.

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      sounds like great inspiration for you !

    • willyweed

      I think we all have GOD within us, his spark is our animation, a lovely poem you pen. ww

      • Diamond

        Thank you :)

      • rrodriguez

        I found this poem and it really moved me. You're so passionate and sensitive. Nicely done my friend.

        • Diamond

          Thank you Roberto...The truly intelligent is the one who processes the universe with love in the heart and not knowledge in the mind...right?!

          • rrodriguez

            Indeed¡ You're right.

          • whisperingquill

            Wonderfully expressed you seem to channel Dr. Angelou in this piece beautifully written and profound

            • Diamond

              That is interesting. I have read some articles in honor to her.
              This writing is a way of living, I may say. Appreciate your read.

            • Gary Edward Geraci

              Sounds like your very real, Guardian Angel!

              • Diamond

                Yes, Gary...just that I call it with many different names. Thank you for reading my first post here.

              • Augustus

                This reads so effortlessly and speaks to how connected and grounded you are, your ability to look within. Interesting there was no dark side.

                • Diamond

                  Some dark writings that are explanatory are there in my poetry but I discarded some which are thought inducing. Thank you for reading and commenting this poem.

                • OUTBACK


                  • Diamond

                    Your Music = You* , does.

                    • Diamond

                      More than anything.

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                    • Laney


                    • Johnny Lawless

                      And so it began here or there.

                      Very enjoyable, but he is not one or the other.

                      • Diamond

                        Appreciate your reading lawless. : )

                      • sidqiehs

                        I absolutely love this

                        • Diamond

                          Glad my dear. Hope reading this gives you some solace.

                          • sidqiehs

                            It really did

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