Riverside Dreaming / Broken Town / Spike II

By Arcassin Burnham

Forgive​ and forget a past with limits,
Reputation still ruined like good riddens,
I Remember riding all the way to the end,
on a bike that somebody sold , i won't mention,

Suicidal thought and more to pretend,
a group of friends that don't care about my new sin,
a bunch of envies all at school with no help,
i'm going crazy now like this is the end,

and all i do is think of you,

and all i do is think of you,

and all i do is think of you,

all i do is think of you.


Bad memories will haunt me til the day i lay around other graves,
With my initials carved on it , that was always the trade,
That was marked on me since the day my mother gave me my name,
i hope while i'm in death brings me close to god's warm embrace,

Like why i gotta live so with many hateful humans?
Like why i gotta be in guilt for the devil's amusement?
Its hard to comprehend what kind of future i'm getting,
I don't want no more of those fatty foods or the fear of me sinning,
i won't have to lie , cause i have nothing to hide,
Don't know what my future holds , But i'm not wasting time,
There was always no way to find love in this broken town,
it'll burn itself to the ground , that's even if i'm still around,

i don't know what you want from me..

But i am not in your company..

Enforce the power of hate on me..

But i don't give shit, dig a grave for me.


Ooo the smart remarks poeple makes when
they say they never wanted kids,
Ooo the attention to detail when everything
falls into place kid,
You follow your dreams and shit happens well
at least i had to hear from teachers and counselors,
Like Don't You Fucking See That I Struggle To Get Where I Am?!!
be the proudest,
but instead you just doubt,
so later on , i'm walking out,
to show you that i'm not putting up with it,
You don't know what human compassion is,
Just living off savagery and communists,
be like whats the jist? can you give us a hint in the line of  the lust,
when temptation wins, And we're at our end,

i got ya , got ya,
i wasn't really sent here,
got ya , got ya,
for the times that i spent here,
got ya , got ya,
now my time has to end here,
don't you leave my friend , you just got here,
now i'm alone.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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