Mr. Blue

Down the darkened hall of my life I walk

Distant voices trail within the walls

Shadowed memories continue to stalk


It was upon my darkest hour

I came upon an open wooden door

Candle light dancing upon the floor

Inner screams threaten

For my soul they wish to devour


Within the room

A familiar voice cried

Please help me find Mr. Blue

I hid him the night before I died

He is lonely...my teddy bear toy

Next to a mirror that stood cracked but whole

There stood a frail shell of a boy

Eyes black as coal


His hands felt like that of frost

Into the mirror we went

Drifting through years of memories lost

There a blonde haired boy slept

Decades of pain yet to be spent

I stood there and wept


I peered under the bed

There laid Mr. Blue

As I tucked the bear

Under the covers

And next to his head

I heard a teary voice

A quiet cry of thank you


He whispered you must go now

I hear his footsteps near

It is almost time

Quickly you must touch the mirror


Everything began to spin

Once more I found myself

In the candle-lit room again


There stood the same frail boy

In his arms he held

Mr. Blue, his beloved toy


A tear fell from my cheek

He caressed my long blonde hair

I held out bruised arms that bled

He handed me Mr. Blue and said

For this a long time you did seek

But, there is another now there


She cries out into the night

You know what you must now do

I hugged my teddy tight

I reached through the mirror

Into her battered arms

I tucked Mr. Blue


  • Zwubz

    I remember this one pop, good stuff!

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