Last Breath

I use to see these words as gifts and now they haunt my thoughts
I write to you in hope you'll hear my voice and not give up

The hope I have it dangles by a thread and I'm to blame
You cannot hate the world as much as I hate my own skin

My face it promised love
Much like my eyes screamed of devotion
My chest it crumpled inward
As my soul betrayed its mate

Only through the pain I've put you through
I understand
That nothing said or done now can bring you back
I am no man

I feel nothing but hurt
It cannot possibly compare
To how it feels to be the one that questions all we had
Three years have gone too quickly
At 19 I was just born

Gone from everything to shattered bones
My heart bleeds on the floor

Regret is such an easy word to throw about though true

I'd give me life
My blood
My all
Just to share a room

To be amongst such beauty
Or to hear a single breath
No apology is deep enough
So I'll just love you until the end

  • Author: AshleyBerkelmans (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 5th, 2017 13:23
  • Category: Love
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  • Jesse Kuusemets

    Ugh.. this poem captures the best what I currently go through and feel.. You've captured it really well in this one. Thank you, was a pleasure to read such a beautiful piece.

  • Bay

    Very heartfelt and emotional. So beautiful.

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