The Doom


Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex.

No longer lingers purely on a man's mind

but in all the youth of yesternight's life.

Destroying our morals and contracts so easily,

purely for the attachment of another.


Genders, races, sexualities, individuals -

all have their own agendas,

but none so far apart to not unite in the heat

of the moment, mixing fluids and finite love

with the temperament of wild things.


And with it all a silent image, a vision if you will;

A picture of a woman, confident in her skin.

Made for all the world to see;

a prostitute on a pedestal.

For their eyes to drench and fuck.

For their eyes to taste the lust.

For their eyes to satisfy,

and their eyes to criticise.


The woman is not a woman, but a girl, with not

the mind to match her breasts.

She looks into the silent void,

measuring life with an arrogance that

only breeds confusion.

And she will not see until it is too late - the 

predators that lay close by;

Hunt her down in shallow dance floors

and tear her heart to shreds.


For this is the generation of the best, 

the brightest we have ever known.

Their passions soaked in ignorance; 

their knowledge not their own.

They take what's theirs to take and 

rip apart the decades old.

And into Satan's slimy fingers

our souls they have now sold.





  • Author: Luke (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 6th, 2017 00:23
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is written as a critique of modern society and its seemingly trivial sense of purpose and ambition. It is not meant to criticize individuals who participate in similar behavior, but merely the direction I believe society is heading and the almost tragic nature of our own ignorance. Therefore I'm happy to have a debate with anyone who disagrees with the message of the poem but its main purpose is to be thought-provoking as opposed to insulting so please don't take it personally. Enjoy :)
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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  • Poetic Justice

    I loved it

  • willyweed

    true and honest message here, good write Luke!

  • mariannebmo

    I like this a lot, the last paragraph especially has some bite!

  • Bibbeck

    The last two verses, so true of modern generation. Excellent reflection and definitely thought-provoking.

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