Speak this words

Why is it the greatest things in life are sins,
Control by thoughts that bigger than us,
Maybe I should ask where does all this begins?,
While I'm here on this earth whom shall I trust,
but today something had me riled up,
Acts committed by the cities of sodom and Gomorrah,
In this world we live in lies a major hub,
Yet not caring we sit back and watch Dora,
Know that some will be tested more then others,
I ask not for hate just for a moment of your mind,
Isn't it funny in a crowd how we change colors,
He who knows knows all, lies the truth we must find,
So Am I alone when I speak this words,
In the truth does tranquility and peace lies,
Now we support it in our massive herds,
And now his majesty watches with all his eyes,
The idea is born in mind and grows in the heart,
It then manifests itself in the art of attraction,
And only to some does it seem as a beautiful art,
But again You say words don't speak louder than actions,
Doesn't the wrath of god speak to you,
Fire rains down like ashes it stands today,
I know only god can judge you,
Take this as a warning before that day,
Would you support a mother and son marriage,
I understand that the devil is putting overtime,
But now I see why same sex is being cherished,
God doesn't judge us for who we are,
But The action we commit through our daily life,
I ask collect us many good deeds in a jar,
And please don't play with a sharpe knife,
Hate me or love me the truth Is all I am speaking,
If seeing is believing then I don't believe in pain,
If you want the truth then god is who you are seeking.
Do you trust him I have to ask again.



  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed Great write

    • Somerica

      Thanks tony

      • Tony36


      • Aamina

        I like it! Really different to anything I would be able to create

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