kevin browne

Started With Divorce.

The worst of all the love affairs are caused when we lose our hope
Towards each other and all the silly stupid actions we display
When our distinctions recognise the behaviour which unfolds
Kiss her one more time and I'm sure you'll find a way
Reborn into believing that another world exists in lust
Bring the shame home and lay down one more time for us
Knotted and bottled emotions are selling on the street these days
With the opposite attractions of all the beauties who couldn't resist
claiming the sex as it drives us around the bend so steer straight
bedrooms filled with cannabis and cocaine is wearing knickers too
3 in a bed for showing off or was it 4 you fucked to
Doesn't really matter because one up on the corner is waiting for you instead
When we think of relations, the ones that cursed our souls for reasons
Which with experiences taught us how to tell a story tale
Excuses by the million to get out of saying "yeah, I really love you" when we ended up in a bloody hell
another wedding with the second mortgage to pay for the first one we drank away
So in a story concise that was never really told or even hardly heard of
before we begun and made love which we started with divorce.


  • elsiewarrenswords

    love this... great

    • kevin browne

      thank you, elsiewarrenswords.

    • WriteBeLight

      Raw, emotional stuff Kevin!

      • kevin browne

        Rawness is essential when the temptations of anger disperse into poetry. I felt I needed to let my pen do what it wanted to do. thanks. WriteBeLight..

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