Willy Beeman


Thankful for my gifts and the chance to make make things right. Inspired by the kind words of writebelight.

A distant toast to Willyweed with our old friend Jack. Like a glass of McAllen 25 but from a volcano bag.

Visions of my bad decisions as I fill these empty lines with my experiences of living. The choices all mine whether they were righteous or sinning.

After waking up in the back of an ambulance November 17th. A seizure caused my heart to stop and sprout that rose in concrete.

The sky is a bit more blue, I still get it how I live and I still bang screw. Still a strut smooth but now with nothing to prove.

I'm blessed knowing that God gave me reality that can only be matched by fantasy. Forgiveness for my wrongs and happy for the things I've see.

I know because I've died once, life is too short to be living it long. Living engulfed in ego, I was living it wrong.

My journey is still ahead as I seek more light. Thankful for this chance to be living it right.


  • kevin browne

    and good luck with many more years ahead seeking the things you didn't do. great write my friend.

  • WriteBeLight

    So kind of you Willy. I believe you have a bright future still ahead. I am glad you came through with your poetry still very much intact! Thanks so very much for your thanks to me in your words here. So sorry that you had that emergency. Hope you are feeling so much better! 🙂

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