Pintu Mahakul

God is Faithful

Growing credence declares, sings mind,

True is soul, true is Earth and true is wind.

Finding his rays through sun in daylight,

Dawn arrives daily, with luck we delight.


God is faithful, merciful, graceful saviour,

We souls by his wisdom build behaviour.

At each moment life carries hope and aim,

We surrender in God glorifying his name.


Same Earth moves in time’s drama wheel,

Universe is within eternal laws in his deal.

Everything changes in material world here,

Past, present and future are known to seer.


Illusion leaves way; truth shines by grace,

Place to place we take birth, we win race.

Face changes, body changes, travels soul,

God is faithful guide to attain eternal goal.


God is faithful, God is faithful poet tells,

Dwells faith in mind, eternity again bells.

Peace we feel, bliss we feel, we ever nod,

Pintu Mahakul tells he is disciple of God.


© Pintu Mahakul, 19 April 2016. All rights reserved.


  • brandon k f

    Very inspiring

    • Pintu Mahakul

      Thank you very much for visiting my poem.

    • Pintu Mahakul

      Feedback received

      Sharon Greenwell Gurley (Hayti / Concord, Missouri, United States) : Very beautiful poem of regarding Faith.....
      April 11,2017 at 3: 40pm

      Rosie Villorejo (From Tabango, Leyte, Phillippines) This poem of yours reveals your true soul, a very wonderful relationship to the One who made you. Your faithfulness and thankfulness are in one way glorifies HIM.
      .....very nice.
      April 11,2017 at 4: 00pm

      Jarid Miller (New Orleans, Louisiana, United States) : You pour out your very being in this piece. Job well done!
      April 11,2017 at 5: 54pm

      Necy Baesa Escuro (Nabua, Camarines Sur, Phillippines) : Yes, God is faithful and He is true to His words. Everything in this world changes but not God, His Love for us is beyond eternity.
      April 12,2017 at 12: 40am

      Wendy Ronshausen (From Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States / Lives in Mesquite, Texas, United States) : Yes, Pintu is! ! Glory to God. Faith, His disciples mission to spread.
      April 12,2017 at 5: 02pm

      Susan Burgoyne (From Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom) : Keep using your God Given gifts, Pinto. They are given to you for a very good reason. Sue. 😊
      April 12,2017 at 11: 29pm

      Mike Hauser (From Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States / Lives in Jacksonville, Florida, United States) : It's late! You have a wonderful way with words and are an outstanding rhymer!
      April 13,2017 at 12: 42am

      Sally Bayan (Manila, Philippines) : I am fine, Pintu, thank you. There are no more questions raised as to your faith in God. It is reflected all over your poem, ... it shows in your smile in your profile picture. Keep the faith, Pintu, God is merciful...He brings out the poet in you. Write about Him.
      April 13,2017 at 4: 11am

      Aidyl Sireab (Nabua, Camarines Sur, Phillippines) : Rhyme with love and strong faith to God😎😎
      April 13,2017 at 3: 30pm

      Marie Shine (Listowel, Ireland) : An excellently penned poem which imparts to your reader your deep faith, your amazing belief in your God, dear Pintu. A very finely expressed poem, captivating reading! Superb crafting! Gratitude for sharing...
      April 15,2017 at 2: 35am

      (Note: All these reviews are received through FB)

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