A 16 year old girl argues with death...

What do you mean it is my time to go?
My life is just starting to be fun.
Take your hands off me or I will blow!
Check and see, I'm sure I am not the one!

Look, take the lady sitting there.
She is ugly and fat and has no one. 
I know everywhere she goes people stare. 
She will be better dead...please tell me she is the one?

Look, take the man sitting on his car. 
He is old and has lived a full life. 
His face and arms will be a big ugly scar. 
No one will want him, not even his wife!

Look, take the baby on the side of the road. 
She is burned up and the medics are getting tired of trying. 
She doesn't know the difference, she's not that old!
She has to be the one who is dying.

How can it be ME who has to die! 
I am the prettiest girl in my school! 
Everyone loves me and many people will cry! 
I'll be OK, don't touch me, you stupid fool!

I did not mean to hit that car. 
I did have a few drinks today. 
I thought I would be OK, it is not very far! 
I just had a baby, please let me stay!

I can't leave, she will not remember me. 
I do not have to be dead. 
I am only 16 and I have so much to see! 
I must have more time, that is enough I said!

Just give me a chance to show I can quit. 
Let me live and I will be good! 
I won't drive drunk, in the passenger seat I will sit. 
I will not drive too fast and end up back on the hood.

I am way too pretty to die! 
I know this is not happening to me! 
You have to be wrong and telling a lie. 
What can I do to make you see?

Tell your boss I said go to hell! 
Tell your boss I am special and pure. 
I just need a chance to get well. 
I cannot believe this...are you really sure?

Please tell my mama I am sorry I wrecked her car. 
Tell my daddy I love him big as the sky. 
Tell my baby to wish on my lucky star! 
Tell everyone that it is OK to cry.

Today the prettiest girl in school died. 
Killed when my car hit another and burned to the ground. 
I knew I was drunk yet I still had to drive. 
Tell them I wish I could have stayed around.

I know I cannot go back and give up the keys. 
I am not going to be there when she learns to walk. 
When she falls down and needs me to bandage her knees. 
I won't kiss away life's pain...Oh GOD...I won't hear her talk.

Written by Becky Jo Gibson 10-13-05 © All rights reserved


  • P.H.Rose

    Oh my lord becky,
    This is so good,
    I absolutely love it.
    It flows just brilliantly
    And the content is
    So very good...
    Well done lady.!!!!

    • BeckyJo

      Thank you! All smiles​!

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