Black sails

But who am I to hope?

Emotions clash like waves on a beach;

powerful thoughts and incentives.

I long to throw them overboard

but what man would I be then?


A captain alone on a sinking vessel.

A casket of emptiness,

of morals and beliefs -

What spyglass sees without a lens?

What mind functions without my feelings?

Do I dare them to take me prisoner,

as my soul is scarred with cutthroats and lovers?


And so unsure, I roll them up on a parchment

in a bottle thrown to sea.

But I am left stranded on the shore, 

gazing out into open oblivion.


"It's not your fault," I think.

X marks my heart, head shaking saltwater into the cold sand,

yearning for you to sail to distant lands

and that one day, I will see those white sails.


I'm hoping I await your return.



  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed Great write

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