Answer me now

Lets stop and write down what's in my head,
Freeze frame lets play that scene again,
This time you don't wanna be laying there dead,
Stay alive hit yourself remember the pain,
As it once was how you truly felt alive,
Who am i? yes the one that will relieve your mind,
Hold your breath one two three and five,
Don't close your eyes you may be blind,
Why do you guys wanna hold us down,
Like we don't matter or really exist,
As you beat me down look at my frown,
No longer does my body know how to resist,
Cuff me now please I ask end this filth,
For whom am I to speak of this,
How long can I plead the fifth,
Now I'm hoping to god that bullet missed,
Jigg jaarer now I'm speaking gibberish,
The smoke is gone everything is dark,
Look at yourself whose the bigger fish,
A bullet hole in my back is now your Mark,
Now this is how your going to be a cop,
Remembered as champ who took a bite,
Salary keep coming in a really good job,
I ask remember me there mister white,
As the boy who was acting tuff just to make it,
Out alive just to see my mother make it,
My son take the first step also just to make it,
Remember me the boy who just couldn't make it,
I'm a flower yes a rose who grew in a dark room,
Guided by many obstacle that seemed to be changed,
But in my eyes all I seen was doom,
But you judge me and called me deranged,
You feel even stronger as you have just relieved this universe,
But I'm here to tell you mister white,
Maybe your reason why everything is getting worse,
Nothing that you did to us was right,
I hope no happiness in your life,
For your the reason why I no longer exist,
The angel of death when will you arrive,
This note says you will never be missed,
Empty dark words is what I speak,
Who decides what truly matters,
I shall never turn the other cheek,
Once again what life's truly matters.


© copyright of Ahmed Gayre



  • Tony36

    Great write

    • Somerica

      Thanks tony

      • Tony36


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