Oh, mother

Notice of absence from SadInterior

Oh mother..why can't you see? I am not the little girl I used to be
My arms are scarred and my feelings are jarred

Oh mother, didn't you hear? Your sweet little daughter gets drunk off of beer

Oh mother, don't you see? The darkness has taken over me

It's in my veins, disintegrated my brain.

There's no escaping the pain inside, sometimes I feel I'm not even alive.

Oh mother, you created a monster, an abortion is what you should have told the doctor.






  • orchidee

    Surely you can't 'blame' your mother (and father) for giving you life? Some black cloud over you will lift somehow, sometime - surely.

  • SorrowfullyHappy

    don't put yourself down you can be whoever and whatever you want all you need do is put your mind to it
    don't pull Hannah baker that would be hard on you and the people who love you

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