Business and pleasure are mixed,

Via sombre and merry deeds,

So what was broken is now fixed,

By these lovely interweaves,


Keeping this balance in order,

Can be a difficult task to do,

As we could break a moral border,

Making something out of skew,


We waste our time with acts,

That have no diagnostic worth,

But how can we make our pacts,

With our friends on this Earth?


Much energy is quickly born,

Accompanied by many smiles,

Lovingly are muscles are torn,

Through travelling lots of miles,


Excited undertakings done,

By us the contented roamers,

Traversing through snow and Sun,

We are no longer loners,


The balance now starts to crumble,

By our constant wandering,

We soon, will have to be humble,

And make a start with pondering


This does not mean we have to ban,

These joyous entities,

Just be as sensible as we can,

To maintain our faculties   


Though these adventures are pleasing,

Can this message be in our brains?

“That such humorous teasing,

Cannot flush stability down the drain.”

  • Author: AuburnScribbler (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 19th, 2017 07:41
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem was inspired by the phrase and saying "It's all fun and games, until someone has their eye out!" Obviously it is extremely healthy to have hobbies and interests to distract you from the toils of life, but in the long run it is vital to have a sensible balance between leisure and work. Thus have a wonderful life that has a great "Stability". Hope you enjoy.
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