Willy Beeman

The Last Chance

I want to tell you miss you so much. Hold your hand kiss your lips and make that sweet love.

Whisper in your ear that you're mine and my loyalty is real. Deep inside you, how did I find you and catch all these feels.

Educated at UT with a Masters from St. Thomas. A single mom plus the fame, your grind I see your on it.

I can talk to you and you understand my thoughts. From advice to rebuttals and the mission your on.

I want to tell that I was not mature enough, I was not ready for your quintessential partnership. You said I would think it and you were right I'm regretting that.

I would tell the world how bad I hurt you. I would tell them how I mistreated your love, so here it goes.

I’ll tell them about the lie,
I’ll tell them how harsh I am, and that’s why you would cry.

That's why I write this poem for you, I'm asking what to do since I made your heart all blue. I figure you would say write about the truth for me about you.

I'll tell them how impatient I am, I'll tell them how self centered I am, I won't hide a thing.

I'll tell them about the secrets I've had. I'll tell them about all my insecurities.

But things have changed, cliche, I'm not the same and all I want is a chance. The be who I am and raise your kids and have a great romance.

To you be vulnerable, and for your kids stand ten toes down. Like the love of God my vision so profound.

That last chance I dream about even after all this time. I just want to be your other half and throughout life be happy and shine.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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