Devil's Daughter

She has blood on her hands.

                                     She has tears in her eyes.

She got lost on the way.

                                     She had to say her goodbyes.

She followed the morning star.

                                      She mistook it for his light.

She delivered herself to darkness.

                                      She has become one with the night.

She stole a thousand souls.

                                      She robbed them of their sight.

She is the Devil's daughter.

                                      And he will never leave her side.


  • SorrowfullyHappy

    good wright Stella keep it up

  • Bibbeck

    Fabulous! Simple, but spooky. Good write.

    • Stella_Suicide

      Thanks! xD im kinda proud of it its not my best one but i still like it

    • SadInterior

      I love this Stella, so pure and just realistic. I can relate to it so much, It's good to finally find a poet as myself.

    • Kurt Philip Behm

      Fabulous, Stella!

    • swingline

      Love the duality of this poem or I should say three poems . The first poem the lines that are not crossed through , the second one , that which the lines are crossed through , and thirdly all lines togethe . By doing so you get an in depth glimpse of three different people . Makes me want to ask if you are Bi-polar .

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