Notice of absence from SadInterior

 I have miles and miles of thick, soft, delicate, fragile skin.

I am pale, I am bare, untouched.

The only thing to ever touch my pale skin was a sharp,deadly blade.

That blade, cut and cut. Harmed but in all it was the only thing to take the pain away.

I never felt another human touch my skin, never have I imagined it.

In the dark, my fingers hold my pillow tight, they pull blankets over my cold, pale body.

My fingers open the curtains to watch the rain pour down over my window.

My fingers, claw at my skin. Tearing it, scarring it.

My skin, it bleeds. My skin feels more alone than I ever have.


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • Warded Seabee

    Good write

  • SorrowfullyHappy

    you should try to find someone to trust its not good to be alone for so long believe me i've been alone in this world for as long as i can remember don't make the same mistake

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