Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)



is getting closer

As each day ticks by

Hotel living

has been a luxury

A slice of Heaven

For once, someone is here to help take up the slack that life feeds me so often

I just want normality



From the joy of friendship


I want the boys to have the balls to approach me

I must look like a whore

or a prude

or taken

or something

I haven't lost my swag

I was hibernating for Winter, that's all

I know that I kinda let myself go

But, I was forced to live in total squalor

Ever since I went home for the holiday and returned four days later

Showering once a week at best

Hair growing into a willow tree

Mousy discoloration upon shattered ends

Held together by an entity that had to be maintained in a way that I had never known at all until then

Never again

Never again

I had to say that twice

I paid the price of staying there and I am not done

There are a few battles on the horizon that common sense tells me I have won already

I don't understand what does not allow me to keep my jobs anymore

It is always some lies being told by rhetorical mouths

Some bullshit

Jealousy and envy come at me just about every single day

So, I swat them like flies all the way through

I grew

last time I fell

and the time before

and so on..

The Pharaoh of the Dawn has risen again

To save the day

For me this time

I have already been the Super Hero

I have already been thrown below zero

Now, it is time to have a home

A time to live

and let live

A time to receive

A time to give

A time to reap

A time to sow

A time to teach

A time to know

A time to disregard, not just forget times passed

A time to love

and be loved back

A time to rest

A time to act

Making a pact

with me

to sign in my own blood..





  • MendedFences27

    I think in life we all face trials, we are tested, and those who survive are those who learn to respect themselves, first, and then they become capable of loving another. Your writing paints a picture of conquering ones own inhibitions and finding a way through them, by way of a blood pact with ones self. I felt the despair and the victory. Well done. - Phil A.

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