The matter that exists is only one

In versatile forms, it is spun


The highs and lows are the sides of a coin

The being of life is one and they rejoin


The non reader walks the same Earth

On which a sermonizer takes birth


On a stray dog or an elephant grand

The rays of the Sun are same when they land


Aroma of flowers or the stench of a corpse

The breeze that diffuses makes no warps


The sensual delight derived from the feasts

Is the same for Demigods or even the beasts


Bright daylight or the dimness of the night

The wealthy and the poor have the same sight


The tongue that savors delicious food

Is the same that senses flavors not good


The matter that exists is only one

In versatile forms, it is spun



  • willyweed

    very delightful and insightful, and so very true
    the earth is damp when we dig the graves for
    the kings of the castles and the lowest of knaves.

    • Diamond

      Appreciate your read and comment. : )

    • Warded Seabee

      Very interesting (:

      • Diamond

        Thank you.

      • WriteBeLight

        It is like the ying and yang of life Diamond. That is what I am getting.

        • Diamond

          Sure WBL, all is the combination of duality. Yin Yang interpretation goes very well I think. Thank you for read and comment.

        • Goldfinch60

          Good write, all are the same in all cases.

        • OUTBACK


          • Diamond

            Yes Out...Much respect to his futurism....

            I failed to bring the feel that it is the inner-being that is the guiding force for each of us and it is not that some of us are the guiding forces for others.

            • Diamond

              You see that I am burning,, don't you?!
              Yeah...I know....it is what it so is.

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