Knight has fallen

Knight has fallen



There is no light, no warmth

only darkness and cold

as he gropes along passion's pathways

crammed with damsels

innocent and bold.


Silence is his armored suit

that deflects the arrows from his heart

but the mace of her allure

batters it apart.


Her shadows hide her faithless heart.

Her beauty veils her dishonesty.

He sees not, her glaring pride

and does not grasp her treachery.


Though he hungers for her arms

they will, but twist his desperate dreams

and turn the thumbscrews of his lust

until he’s pressured to extremes.


Yet, he begins to understand:


A righteous man

cannot remain

encased in steel and skulk the land

crestfallen, crawling from his pain.


Sometimes a knight’s heroic;

pursues his quest until the end..

Sometimes a knight surrenders;

unto a Lady’s lure he bends.


He is her knight in shining moonlight.

But, now, he entreats the starless sky

to grant his dismal petition:

The courage to say good-bye.


  • willyweed

    whoa this is very romantic my good sir! I like it a lot!

  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    Really well written and had a great meaning to it...Enjoyed it

  • Michael Edwards

    Yeah - a great write with some inspired lines.

  • WriteBeLight

    Really wonderful work Phil!

  • Fay Slimm

    A compelling read Phil and so well rhymed with a last line that points the for that Knight to take. A fine example of a tale with a meaningful message.

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