Carol Coelho



 Carol Coelho


I shouldn't let it open
Yet this is it
Heart and soul

Thoroughly free as the breeze


Being superficial won't tame me
Pretending to be yourself is not going to fool me
I want you as my desire does

By heart knowing

That you will torture me up

Follow my lead, more than that, don't ever leave
Create your race,

Let's compete like this

You try to make me believe while I go through your peace

Your last attempt to make me fall is kissing my skin
Withal don't be amazed,

Don't be mesmerised
You're missing the point, you're wasting our time
Profound it is, underneath it should be
Focus on this

To unlock with the right key

Accelerate your beat, do not get distracted by the world
Let your guard down, it is just us indeed
Comprehend me, listen to me

Kiss me,
Underneath my skin
Breath calmly
Let it out, let it be
Your inner self will be glad to see that you're finally free
Be nice, be all right

You're safe here this time

You should have known

From ages



  • willyweed

    you have a style " kiss me underneath my skin" I like that line. good work more please!

    • Carol Coelho

      Thanks, that means a lot! 😍

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