Darkness Returns

12 days, twas alive.
Hope, forever light.
Yet, it came back.
Returned, again black.
Still light, but grey.
Tis the debate.
Of my own fate.
The Dark or light way.
Hard to see it.
Does grey fit?
What am I?
True or a lie?
Forget the hunt.
Life's come and gone.
Finding the true font.
Which 1/3 has won
Dark, Grey, or Light.
For none is right. 
Time is infinite.
Changing minds are constant.
I wake to see truth but told a lie.
Shall I live the search and soon die?
I wait to see if life is true or false.
All shall see the right calls.
Daily life run.
Wishing to be rich.
See the truth have all is no fun.
You'll find darkness in a ditch.
Imagine having everything and being everything.
No point to live complete.
Are you serious with your happiness.
You sure tis not delusion, illusion, nor faze?
I learned on the 12th, that it twas but a great lie.
Achievements and experience calls for you to die.
To live false feelings and unsure why.
Every death you see only once cry.
Staying alive forever now, Darkness stains my fate.
Suicidal no, my death I wait.
Don't cry to me when you see I'm right.
You all forget feelings, why live, after night.
Wake up and see truth.
Death is coming for youngest of youth.
Leaders control your feel.

  • Your life they steal.

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