Dear God

Dear God,

Please stay with me through all times and when I go to bed at night.
When a malevolent thought comes into my mind, guide me to the light. 
When thoughts of suicide creep up and I feel the darkness inside - 
show me clarity and nurture my frightened mind. Keep me safe from
the dark forces at work, slowing my process of knowing who I am at the
core and try so hard to keep me from growing and knowing more,
the ones that distract me and anger me to my core. Guide me to
love and empathy at all times, keep me away from the shadows that keep
me blind.  


:) <3 


  • willyweed

    AMEN! keep the faith Lara! peace ww

    • laralove

      peace :) x

    • ElenaRue

      amen! Wow, this is very relatable. Love it

      • laralove

        Peace and love. Thank you :) x

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