Thick: A Tragic Song

She was pretty
She was curvaceous
Yet she thought there was something missing
She had a life worth living
A soap opera called high school
But one thing
One thing she was wishing
The boys were looking
At the ladies that got
The one thing that she does not
“I wanna be thick”
She said, with sass
She knew they were looking at girls with the ass
Little did she know she had plenty to offer
That is to the monster

She had biology class with me
Sat in the back
Got my curiosity
In all honesty,
Her ample cleavage got me
Her lips and caramel skin
Got me too, you see
She had a tight body
She might have caught me looking
It’s ok
No 25 to life
Only did it once
Maybe twice

She said
“I want my booty to be bigger”
From observation
She worked with what God gave her
She had communications class
Sat on the left
Real talkative
After all, everybody was
Even me
I think it was even in the syllabus
Speaking of it
We had a How-To project
Hers were how to do the
“Pop, Lock, and Drop It”

Football players had their eyes on her
Other boys did too
As she did the dance
And she liked the shit
Her panties were Lace
Peeking out
She smirked
She liked it
She admitted it
I tilted my head
As she smiled
In my mind
I was curious
What’s going on behind that smile

The monster came later
In the form of a schoolteacher
Everything was cool at first
Then something told her he was disturbed
He touched her randomly
She shook it off
He touched her on the leg
She cursed
All of a sudden, she had a dilemma
After class, the monster forced her to have dementia
The monster touched her
With that look in his eyes
She looked in them
And felt every male look
And animalistic gaze
All over again…
All over again…

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