Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)


My transitioning

Man, I can remember so many of these occurring over the years

Nobody hears what I do

Thoughts so focused upon that they become projectile vomit in my head

Nobody smells what I do

The stench of something beyond basic decay

Pure wickedness

Hostility built up over time

Now a blossoming lupine bush in the heat of the afternoon

Nobody senses shit the same way that I do

My capacity within stretches further than extreme temperatures can torment

Nobody thinks outside the box like I do

I have met a couple of new folks that I can truly call friends

Nothing fails, but just about everything eventually fades out or ends completely

All that I can think about is right now

It's the least common way to go for way too many

They reminessce about the past and try to foresee times that lie somehow ahead

Living in the moment is a dead philosophy

Never practiced, only spoken of redundantly

The Story Teller I have always heard of as a child and here or there besides is an archetype

One that has chosen my new roommate to wear it

He cares too much about image and space

But, it is nothing I cannot ignore

He has literally become the door that I know I must open in order to proceed

Which makes the task much trickier, I suppose

Night Wolf

I should have known right away

Like usual, I was led by all the others who go out of their way to lead us all astray

Doing anything in their power to stand in the way of our platoon

We should pack them all up in rocket ships and send their foul asses to go live on the Moon

The Luciferian agenda will never occur in any way that they think they know

Suddenly, they are all the experts on Egyptian lore. Really???

Please, you fucking fools!

They attach themselves to anything that they feel will enable them to make up their own rules to the game

They have forever been the same

If words could explain them it would be by someone who could somehow read only between the lines

Again, this year, as soon as I was blessed by the Spring, an enemy arrived to ring my bell

To shake me out of my routine

It's always done in the meanest possible way that can be

I am gone

For no reason at all

The demons rode in via the opiate express to plot their lies against me

It all was peachy keen until I told the Asian bitch across the way where I was

Then, I see them all start filing in to scrutinize me

That demon is a relentless fucking whore and I have had it!

Next week, I am in court again

To defend their bogus plot to not pay me the money that I have rightfully earned

They already burned me, but I guess that it is not enough

It's all a lie

The truth has no choice, then, but to become unmasked

I did nothing to make them hate me so

I'm growing, anyway and my love for them all won't ever change

There is nothing strange about it at all

Like it has never gone down this way before

Like I am too blind to see familiar patterns return to play out before my own eyes

The Holy Creator is my aquifer

The Father of Lies won't ever win

I have been right here so many times before

This time I will bob my tail and go through the door and my vision will not take me backward

Nobody knows my path better than I do...






  • Gino

    Wow, what an amazing work you have here...Great write and talent you have. You should write a book, if you haven't, and keep all of this and future writings safeguard for future posterity...

    • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

      thank you. I appreciate that. This ebook is the only one so far and it has 143 poems in it...I have hundreds more...so yeah, I would like to do that some day..

    • Tony36

      Amazingly awesome

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