Samreen Chowdhury


My eyes are fixed so beautifully on you,

im looking right at you,

but your fading away and sometimes it feels like your not here.

i can sense your body and now I can visualise it,

but your mind is somewhere else.

it feels like your so far gone. This thing inside me questions me the thing that stops me from breathing because your no longer here, you went away with an unknown farewell.

this distance between our souls and this distance between your hand and mine are no longer interlocked 

instead it's mirrored.

Me and you we lost connection like tv's that disconnect in the middle of war.

you went away and it was so unexpected.

i cried but I didn't realise, it was just my little heart who,

felt so dejected.

never will these two souls be reconnected unless you come back and affect me with affection.

your lost somewhere is this world, when I feel the wind,

my emtotions-it's so overdrawn.

my head is on your chest, but your heart is so quiet,

these tears begin to flow so naturally and it pains in the heart  so much, I tell her to stop but she doesn't because she needs comfort, after so much conflict.

the restless nights that happened by spending the night talking while my head laid comfortably on your hearts,

your heart is no longer beating. It's silent but it's so warm and I can feel you calling but it's not reaching to where it has to.

we are so disconnected, we are lurking.

we used to be laughing but now we're laying in silence.

your arms are around me but your soul is somewhere else. Are you gone forever? 

You should be here. whisper your words to me in my ear so I can feel your words  in my heart, in my should be here, connected with me.


i hoped that love had a happy ending.




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