The truths


Highschool.. A place full of narcissistic assholes who live and breath bullshit.

Highschool.. a place where love rises and falls
A place where love..... dies

Highschool.. a place where dreams turn into nightmares

High school... A place to learn.

Highschool.. A place full of change

Highschool.... a place where your knowlege is measured by memorization and tested daily based on some biased standard.

High School. A place where friendships are developed, tested sometimes tried-and-true, sometimes leaving you nothing but blue.

Enough with the bullshit enough with the pain high school for me was all but a game.

High school for me is a pain getting pushed around and kicked when I'm down

High school...the quad full of jocks, soch' s, stoners...every single one of them high on something. Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Easy times, plenty of time, not like these times. Missing simple, pimples, hip dimples. The good old days...full of purple haze.

Boring stupid and full of pride highschool for me was all but a lie. It makes me cry when i think about highschool and im pretty unsure because for me it was all a blur. In highschool i was always called lazy i would sit there daydream and be all hazy. Highschool for me had too many rules they treated us like a pack of mules... The lies made me cry and want to die inside. Forgive me for having these thoughts but highschool for me had too many faults. Trying to survive and strive for the best highschool was all a big test.

Highschool is where
we make all immature acts
Which stays in our mind
As an uneraseful fact

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  • Sada_bear

    Thanks to everyone who took part in the truths. Check out the rest if my poetry if it interests you.

  • NikitaPassmore

    I love this i agre with it highschool is a lie

  • iAli

    This time period of life is the best time in everyone's life...❣

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