Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..

Half-past seven

Sabbath night

Somewhere, my friends are celebrating the way that they do

What was it that pulled me away from them?

Am I not one of the Jews?

I know that, with them, I could truly feel the Light of God in my soul

All around me

It was as though I was a beacon

Soaking in the ancient knowledge

Like a succulent

A sprig of fresh aloe

A cactus

Its flower, blossoming in the rays of the Sun

I had won an ongoing battle

It was what led me to my healing

I am convinced that I would not have made it alone

Then again, I never have been

I have always known God, somehow

I wanted to dive into the holy scriptures

Somewhere within, I know, would be the answers that I need to know

In black and white

No holding back

Submergence into a new epiphany

A pristine existence that has come slowly into being

Held back by monotony and a thousand understudies

Sheep trampling



my pasture

Animals trying to follow me to my ark

I'm not sure where I am even going

Like I am singing my soul out in the pouring rain while dancing my ass off in the dark

A spark to ignite the Great Hearth Fire

Taking one last tour through the land of all that I desire

Tip-toeing across a high wire above all the circus clowns

Shining my light like a beacon

To pep up the step of my brothers and sisters who have fallen down

Painting every town I travel through some other color than the one that they have outgrown

Inviting the less fortunate into my zone

To lay their heads to rest

To have prophetic dreams

To enlighten their weary minds

To enhance their self-esteems

A beacon burning bright enough to bring all of the lost ships home

that were once swallowed up by the raging seas



  • Tony36

    Great write

  • Lizzy Renee

    Beautiful Poem. I love the way you used those descriptive words to create a picture in the readers mind.


      Than you very much...It was written in reflection to a beautiful miracle I lived through a few years back and I am glad that so many enjoyed this

    • Gino

      Awesome poem! You have a style that mesmerizes...Intellectual and talented indeed, my friend...


        thank you... smart poetic minds work alike indeed

      • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

        Awesome and I admire the religious knowledge that u have employed effectively drawing analogies. ESP the animals follow to ark, and other takings. I like how u used cactus and the wording and metaphors are fabulously done. Kudos for this sublime poem.

        U r most welcome to review my latest poem too. Pleeez do. I

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