The flame within

I just can't shake the feeling that he still loves her. Maybe I'm overthinking,maybe I'm overreacting. But every time that thought crosses my mind all the color disappears from my face And my heart stops. I am strong yet fragile and only love has been able to bring my heart to an agglomeration of flames all the way down to a brisk wind in the midst of a second. I am not doleful but quite resentful as I continue to chase this immaculate love I've been searching for my entire life. I await the day when I can evict my resentfulness and envision myself as a self actualized being who is able to identify the fulfillment of my potentialities as well as the people I love. Without the anguish and annoyance of my own conscious and unexplored mind forevermore chanting in my ear to be filled with hate and regret.


  • ccggjj

    I wanna know some feedback

  • Lizzy Renee

    Amazing. I love it. Keep making such beautiful poems so I can read them. :)

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Transcending that which is in the particular for that which is in type: the perfect masculinity of Adam before the fall. (and that's not just hype)

  • LML

    This is very well written. 🦋

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