A thousand little razor blades, they sparkle like the stars

I finally found my love today, he healed my broken heart

In his arms I am whole again, when I thought I would never be

From right now and forever, my heart is his to keep

Each tear he turns to diamonds

Each wall to melted stone

This Hell, I know, will break what's built, but with him I am home


  • Lizzy Renee

    Amazing poem.

  • Bibbeck

    Great stuff!

  • vvnrose

    Congrats on finding new love 🙂 nice job on the poem.

  • SorrowfullyHappy

    as i said you are a great poet
    hope you to are happy together

  • swingline

    Love like ballast in a ship's hull keeps the ship upright , balanced , and running fast and free .

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