Poeta de Cabra

Blue Moon



Sky outside is eerie thanks to a Blue Moon
Listenin' to the blues here in this ole saloon
Was so stupid, now sittin' here wondering why
Hank Williams moanin', So lonesome I Could Cry

All my own fault that is the truth, I am but a fool
Up and left me and I take comfort on this stool
A week ago I was dreaming of all our tomorrows
Now I'm here in this dingy bar drowning my sorrows

All my own fault, out all night drinkin' and flirtin'
Left my sweetheart at home, cryin' and a hurtin'
Hope in her heart she can forgive and ease my pain
Longing for this old blue moon to turn to gold again

I'll push the whisky aside if she'll give me another chance
Show her what she means to me with love and romance
Treat her like royalty, take her out for an intimate dinner
Ask for forgiveness and slip that ring back onto her finger

When we first kissed it was under a beautiful moon light
The moment was absolutely perfect, romance seemed right
Soon we were married and we were ready for wedded bliss
Promised to love her forever, never expected something like this

Please come back, neither the moon or I are good at being blue
I'll promise you darling to be devoted and never again ignore you
The barman said to me that he'd never seen a grown man cry
Just pointed out the window, even the moon had a tear in his eye

I've made up my mind now darling, I want you to understand
Just swallowed my last drop of liquor, gonna be your loving man
I'll be in bed beside you every night now for as long as I live
Can only hope you can find it in your heart to somehow forgive

Played my last card now sweetheart, my dice has been rolled
Moon isn't happy being blue at all, can you turn it back to gold
Give me another chance please dear, I'll show my true worth
Bring back moon's smile, make me the happiest man on earth

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