I'm sorry

I saw him with you
I knew,
Cuz he's been with me 2
I shut the door confused
I should have protected u
Because even though I didn't know,
I still knew
Your probably his first but not his last
Because it happen to me and another in the past
On My day I was passed out, unable to move
I was to high
i was stuck there, I just closed my eyes
I remember someone on me & blond hair
And me just lying there
I don't know what really happened or when it was over
In those days I didn't know how to react cuZ I was never sober

So I told her, I knew she would believe me
She was the only person who ever could c me
She surprised me, she said he did it to her too
I wish it didn't happen to her me or u
She spoke up but every one called her a liar
The truth burned in me,
like gasoline on a fire
Every one turned against her, so she
Said she was lying
So together we hid the truth, we
Kept hiding
But I saw you and I didn't stop it
Inside I died, I was unable to think, -sanity- I had lost it
You came out of the room
I tried to talk to you but I was to late
And it was to soon
One cigarette after another you smoked
like you breath air
I wanted to help but I didn't speak up, I'm sorry it wasn't fair
I was, but I wasn't there
Women aren't people to him,
He just wants sex and rape
If you don't give it to him, he'll just take
I'm sorry, if I could go back I would hug you
And let u know I loved you
I would saved you from your brother
We'd run away and save each other
I wonder about you and if ur ok
I wish I could've saved u that day 

  • Author: LML (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 30th, 2017 00:22
  • Comment from author about the poem: I've been threw a lot of different things threw out my life, but a lot of them have the same theme. A lot of physical sexual emotional abuse. But I'm getting help now to recognize the "signs" of abusive people. And I've changed who I associate with. But I hate this memory. I wish I would have busted down the door. I was to scared. I have never been able let go of this guilt. I know it probably had been happening to her for years and he only did it once to me and my other friend once. But I shouldve took her and ran. I was to scared of him. I'm so sorry
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  • Pintu Mahakul

    This is really very amazing poem shared here with emotive expression.

    • LML

      Thank u

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