Why are you so obsessed


Lurking and looking trying to find an issue for someone who don’t want you


Why are you trying to ruin a life who has moved on from you


Being obsessive can be an issue for you


Making up things in your head that are not true


Does he want me?


Does he love me?


Is it just you and me


STOP being obsessive to me because there will never be an us again


From the mistake from the beginning when I let you in


Was a mistake because I never would have thought you will

Obsess this way


I don’t love you move on trying to ruin my life is wrong


But will only hurt you when karma comes along


Obsess is something that is wrong


They have help for that maybe you need to come along


Maybe I made you this way yes I was wrong


But you have a new life move along


Be with someone that is good for you since I was wrong and not telling the truth


I know I hurt you and I want you to forgive


But I want to live my life and no we can’t be friends


OBSESSED is what broke us apart not letting me do me


That’s why we fell apart, I will always have love for you


From the years, we went through but being in love was never there


That’s what I tried to press to you


Sorry you took it wrong and fell apart didn’t want you to go crazy


But how can you not with a broken heart


My apologies go out to you from the start


But the obsessive you have been doing needs to stop


Before I have to go to the cops

OBSSESSED is so true but this is NOT something that your supposed to do


Sorry my love was so strong but right now I wish it was untrue


  • LML

    This reminds me of high school. Good poem👍🏼

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