Lonely River Song

Lonely River Song



Where do I begin


to tell what happens when a fool falls in love?

Right or wrong, I knew I’d never smile again.

I fell to pieces when her words on summer winds

kept repeating how we would never  meet again.


Where do I go alone?


Funny, how a love can slip away

how a heart can be broken in a day

how my angel of the morning went astray

and how long and lonely nights can stay

and not fade away.


Where do I go to die?


Take me to the river. It is time to say goodbye.

I can’t stop loving her for as long as I try.

So what am I living for, could someone tell me why?

As the lazy river whispers “ You were born to die”

the summer wind repeats her last goodbye.


Where do I find the courage?


The lonely river’s flowing slowly to the sea

like the way we were when loving tenderly

but it’s impossible she won’t return to me.

So big river, I am leaving it up to you

take these chains from my heart or take all of me.


Where do I find the answers?


Was it love or just words of love in twilight

for only love can break a foolish heart?

Here comes the night, and in its misty moonlight

the end of my world has me running scared tonight.

My heartbeat’s daring me into eternal midnight.


Where do I go from here?


On this bridge, over waters that are tempting

to carry me, her words echo unrelenting.

My special angel has dropped her broken wings

and by starlight her goodbye is still tormenting

while I await my destiny and my ending.


How do I close?


  • WriteBeLight

    When love is lost, all of those things like songs and special places become something to avoid to avoid the memories. But, I think that it is not those things that are at fault. They are innocent through all of the turmoil. Just the human condition of trying to relate and obtain great memories. Great one Phil! As usual 🙂

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    The music speaks to our core during times like these.

  • Neville

    its not over until the fat lady sings ..

    I imagine this to have been a lot harder than one might initially think ..

    How about Frank Sinatra's I did it my way... 🙂

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