NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

i know what you want to say
"why you bothered about this"
"you havent been through it"
it started with a kiss

im sorry to tell you
i have suffered the pain
ive gone through the hurt
its like being hit by a train

but you dont have to worry
you dont even have to care
i wish youd just hold me
and tell me that you're there

but whats the point in trying
if you just dont get it
whats the point in telling you
so please just forget it

you never forget the feeling
of hands between your thighs
running across your face
and the look between your eyes

he smiles at you and says
"you're the most gorgeous girl ive seen
bu we both know
he's a bit "too" keen

then its over
the pain you felt
the tears you cried when you called
you werent helped

when i saw his face
looked in his eyes
the way he forced it
i could read his mind

he wanted it
he wanted more
he forced it in
and closed the door

i couldn't scream
my hands were tied
i couldn't cry
I died inside...

  • Author: NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel... (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 2nd, 2017 09:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: i know ive wrote alot of these but its something ive expirienced in my life and i felt the need to share it within poetry because i cant tell people my thoughts and feelings as it only happened last year. the only way i can say my feelings is through poetry.
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  • Warded Seabee

    It is most certainly difficult to talk about disastrous occurrences such as this. Poetry is my outlet as well and it is the best form of release I have found. once I place my pen down I leave my sorrows behind me on the stained paper. And somehow I feel that each paper I stain with words removes a stain from myself as well. Good write, and I hope you well.

  • Bibbeck

    Poetry is a wonderful outlet for all emotions and sharing of feelings, without too much explanation. I used to 'punch the paper' with my pen, rather than a wall or someone - due to frustrations of being verbally unable to express emotions and passions I felt. Your writing doesn't question you, but gives you reflections and enables the way forward. All best for those little steps.

  • jlortiz84

    You are stronger than you know. Just being able to share your experience through your writing shows incredible strength. Time will surely help, but that will always be a wound. However, there are people out there that will understand and be there for you. They will help your wounds heal the best they can and you will become whole as those nightmares start to fade and become less hurtful. I am sorry for those that hurt you. I hope you find your peace and live again in the sunshine. I do not know you, but wish the best for you.

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