Never leave

if I am yours and you are mine

how do we find our dividing line

is there one to be found

maybe together we'll tip toe around

and I want to know each fact

yet there's nothing that's exsact 

so I say


you make me crazy you make it right

you make it worth coming back after a fight

all you give you will receive 

i promise you I'll never leave

if I look really closely 

i can find you mostly 

i can see it all clearly 

its fliped around 

every wall I put up you broke down

my smile starts with a grin

your laughter makes my head spin

in life I feel so invisible so small

tears and insecurities you erase them all

so i say 


you make me crazy

you make it right 

you make it worth coming back after a fight

all you give u will receive 

i promise u I'll never leave

---written in June 2013---


  • Author: LML (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 2nd, 2017 21:58
  • Comment from author about the poem: The beginning of abusvive relationships are so different than the rest of it. But it's hard to forget the loved shared. And it's hard to let go. Even if your life is threatened and you think they are going to kill you this time. There are still confusing feelings after the abuser is gone. Self blame, wishing it'd Change rememberering the moments of love between your moments of fear. And the hardest part Is excepting its not your fault, it is theirs and you have to relearn your worth more than living in fear. You have to remember the cops taking them away was a blessing not a curse. You have the right to be safe and you have to break promises like "I'll never leave"
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  • Jane Frye

    Thank you for sharing this poem. Your comment on your poem was very moving. And yes, there are deal breakers in every promise. Be safe, be happy!

    • LML

      Thank u that means a lot. He's in jail and we're going to trial. I'm scared. So thank you so much

      • Jane Frye

        It sounds scary. A lawyer can help quite a bit in these situations. It can be set up so that all communications and contact goes through your lawyer. Best of luck to you.

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